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v22.0002, Additional sample questions for the final
None of the functions you write should read from the keyboard. Don't call input()

1 Given the following method heading
def palindrome( s):
write a method that returns True if the string s is a palindrome, i.e., the letters are symmetric around the midpoint of the string. It should return False, if the string is not a palindrome. For example, "asdffdsa" and "asdfdsa" are palindromes where as "asdfgh" is not.

2. Write a function with the heading def palindrome(x) that determines if the list x is a palindrome.

3.. Given a list x that has at least m elements and a list y that has at least n elements, write a function with the heading def addThem(x, y, m, n) that returns an array that has as its first m elements the first m elements of x and as its next n elements the first n elements of y.

4. Write a function with the heading def pattern(n): that produces the following triangle:

where the bottom line has n x's.

5. Write a function def sum(x): that adds and returns the sum of all the elements in the list x.