NYU iPhone

The Final Student iPhone App Projects for NYU Computer Science Department's
"iPhone Programming" (V22.0480)
was presented on Wednesday, May 6th, 2009.
Apple, Inc. presented a prize for the "Best Student App" to the "PetWars" Team
Second Prize went to "Crossroads"
[For details, contact Nathan Hull at hull@cs.nyu.edu]


Jason Alpert

StatTrack allows anyone who plays soccer, basketball, or baseball to easily store accurate statistics. Have friends who play on school teams? Track how they do live at the games! Ever have 7 people for 3v3 basketball? Whoever is sitting out can update statistics for the other players.

With StatTrack you can easily know how all of your friends and teammates perform. Simply pick a sport and a player, and begin tracking!



David Aragona

AutoChords is a musical tool that anyone can use. It helps users learn and make music by guiding them through the creation of a functional chord progression. Essentially the user will be able to choose the chords in a sequence from a series of lists until an entire progression is formed. Once the harmony is set, the user can tap/swipe/pinch out a rhythm so that a chord is sounded with each touch of the screen.

Music students can use AutoChords as a musical analysis tool to practice identifying the function of various chords in a progression. Even people without knowledge of music theory can use the piano keyboard to see how various chords are spelled out on a piano and hear how they are related to a given key. Anybody can use it to amuse themselves and still learn something valuable at the same time!



William Best

Have you ever wanted to discover your own constellation? Do you ever look at the Big Dipper and think "BAH! I could do better?"

Well, now is your chance. With Constellation, you can create your very own constellation from the comfort of your own home, car, subway, bus stop, or wherever you use your iPhone or iPod touch. Just drag your finger from one star to another to form a connection. Make as many connections as you want to form a constellation. Then share it with your friends and see who can create the best new constellation.

   • Constellation creation
   • Save & Save constellations
   • Dynamically build star fields
   • Share constellations with friends



Eli Bildirici and Asaf Greene

TunePal is a simple yet versatile tool to help budding musicians learn about some of the building blocks of Western music: namely, intervals and chords. Our program features quick, intuitive lessons about each of the different kinds of intervals, and uses examples of music from popular culture to reinforce what the user learned. After learning about intervals, the user can try their hand at our versatile ear training mode and guess the interval between two randomly generated notes. Once the user is used to intervals, he or she may want to learn more about chords. After a short primer on the circle of the fifths, this mode will mirror the one about intervals, but will be a bit more limited in scope. Once the user is done learning some basics about chords, he or she may try to play chords on a soft piano. Upon playing any three notes (only triads are supported in the free version), the chord played will be identified along with some basic information when and how it is used in popular music.



Ricky Cheng, Jamin Ma, Andrew Saladino

PetWars is an interactive iPhone app that allows you to turn your own pet into a killing machine! With over a dozen ways to interact with the pet, you can train your pet to be the ultimate fighter and battle against your peers. Buy new toys or games at the store to keep your pet happy. Play some music from your phone’s music library and watch your pet react to the sounds. Keeping your pet healthy and happy will be key to winning the peer to peer battles. There is also an online stat tracking system which will tell you who has the healthiest pet, the happiest pet, and the strongest pet in the world.

Enjoy the game’s unique graphics with its dynamically changing background that reflects real world time. You can also enjoy the life-like physics when you’re dragging and throwing your pet around. Watch as your pet’s facial expression changes as it bumps into the walls. With so many ways to raise your pet, you’ll never be bored with your iPhone ever again.


See a Movie of PetWars in action


NYU Courses

Ricky Cheng

Are you frantically hitting the refresh button on your browser during registration week to see if a class has finally opened up? With NYU Courses, you can now access the New York University Registrar in the palm of your hand. Features include searching by term, school, and subject. You can even view the instructor's ratings and map out locations of the classes.



Am i Failing?

Stanley Dady

AM i FAILING? for the iPhone will help students keep track of their grades in their classes. It’s designed as an electronic grade book that not only keeps a student’s progress, but also helps a student figure out what is needed to get a desired grade. Students will now be able to know their standing in a class without ever having to ask their professor.

   - Keep track of grades in multiple classes
   - Calculates your final grade
   - Progress mode analyzes grades in a class and tells you where more attention is needed
   - View progression with graphs
   - "Office Hours" allows you to see what your final grade would be if you dropped your lowest grade, or what you need to do to still get that A.



Jack Frisoli, Ben Everson, and Dinesh Penugonda

Ever been waiting to speak at a large meeting, waiting to play darts at a bar, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant? We wait in queues all the time, and often they're a hassle to join, coordinate and keep track of. Now, there's an app for that.

iQueue was developed to make it simple to manage an ad-hoc queue among a group of iPhone users. This open-ended app is well suited to keep both casual social functions and small service-oriented businesses running smoothly. Utilizing the Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities of the iPhone's 3.0 operating system, iQueue lets users create, manage, view and join queues in the immediate area, all updated in real time. If there's something worth waiting for, let iQueue take care of it!



Gabriel Herrera

SockPuppeteer is a digital toy that turns your iPhone into a digital sock puppet. The puppet's mouth moves onscreen by picking up the sounds of someone talking using the iPhone's microphone. If you want only the puppet to do the talking, you can record a voice and play it back through the puppet.

SockPuppeteer comes with several virtual puppets. Each virtual puppet reacts differently to the loudness of your voice based on their personality. A virtual puppet can also react to your movements by using the iPhone's accelerometer. You can even access the iPhone's camera and photo library to use your own pictures as a virtual puppet. SockPuppeteer is great for kids of all ages who want to put on a puppet show and entertain their friends.



Michael Hill

iHungry is a revolution away from the traditional model of simply cooking by recipe. When preparing dinner, you no longer have to make a trip to the grocery store or search through recipes by dish or ethnicity. iHungry let’s you pick the ingredients, and then suggests recipes for you!

iHungry even remembers your staples. Because the program lives on your iPhone (or Touch) it allows you to maintain a pantry of your staples—butter, eggs, cream, flour, salt, pepper, water, etc. So by typing in just the primary ingredient (such as an apple, if you will), you can shake up your iPhone and be shown a recipe for caramelized apples because in your pantry you had brown sugar and butter! Keeping a static pantry of editable staples allows for quick recommendations. In no time, iHungry can take someone with little experience in the kitchen and give them a portfolio of recipes that professional cooks take years to acquire.

So play cook and see what you’ll find!



Will Hogben

Chase is a fast paced arcade game that celebrates the primal desire to dodge and evade. In Chase you zip through closing gaps and around spinning blades, all the while avoiding the edge of an expanding and contracting arena. Each game of chase lasts no longer than 3 minutes, the ideal solution if you catch yourself waxing philosophical at a bus stop!

Chase is implemented in OpenGL ES and offers optional accelerometer control. Future versions of Chase will allow you to play with others near you.



Eric Hong, Angjoo Kim, Maxwell Salzberg

Crossroads is a unique social map application that connects people around you by their memories. “Leave a trace” by sharing your memories, sightings, songs and confessions for places you pass everyday. Discover new aspects of the same street you walk down everyday by following footsteps of others. All these are presented anonymously in a beautiful interface with the real-time GPS and a detailed map.

Explore your surroundings through memories as you are out and about in the real world with Crossroads.


Space Opera II

Sam Horwitz and Adam Langsner

It is the year 2089. A sudden space storm has caused millions of asteroids to come hurtling towards Earth and it is up to you to stop them. Space rumor has it that the asteroids power source, Xanthar, a corrupted asteroid leader from the Alpha Centauri system, is leading the assault. It is your job to successfully find your way through the field of asteroids and reach the evil Xanthar in order to destroy him.

Space Opera II is a revolutionary new game in which the player must navigate through an asteroid field using his or her fingers to control multiple space ships. The game is the ultimate combination of Space Invaders, Asteroids and Fall Up coming together for the advanced technology of the iPhone.



Kevin John

Using Google Maps to plot out exactly how to get somewhere is fast and efficient, but we say it's boring! Instead of being told exactly how to get somewhere, GoPlaces creates a modern day treasure hunt by picking a random destination and giving you only a few hints on how to get there.

Depending on the difficulty level, you'll have the help of a compass, a "hot/cold" thermometer and a metal detector beeping to point you the right way. Get there fast to score high, or take your time, explore your world, and Go Places!



Michael Kanisczak

iWorkout is a fundamental workout tracking utility. It allows you to keep track of your progress while you're at the gym. Regular exercise is a must and necessary to lead a healthy and happy life. Thus, maintaining a regular exercise schedule is essential.

iWorkout allows you to add your own customized workout routine. The user’s workout routines are listed on the home screen. After choosing one, the user is presented with the exercises contained within the chosen workout routine. Along with the exercises, sets, repetitions, and weight are also displayed. As the user progresses or regresses, he or she can increase or decrease these values. Ideally, if the user goes to the gym on a regular schedule and varies their workouts, they should be able to slowly increasing the number of sets, repetitions and weight they use.



Angjoo Kim

Don't know where to go for dinner? Use CityInsider! It's the best restaurant/enterprise directory you'll have in your iPhone. With CityInsider, unlike any other restaurant directory apps, you'll be able to search the best deals in the city! We know that you have no idea what to eat, why not go with a great deal? It has all the useful functionality of a search directory app and much more.

Seeing is believing. Downloaded CityInsider see it with your own eyes!



Nicky Leach and Max Meyers

iCompareU is an anonymous gossip tool, with a twist. Compare your best bros and hoes in a series of hilarious and insightful questions with just a tap. Our ranking system allows you to see how your friends stack up against each other, and where you fall into the mix. Once you're done dishing on your friends, you can check out the iCompareU Matching System ®. Find out if that special someone feels the same way about you or if you are your bro's choice wingman.

iCompareU taps into your Facebook account, so all of your friends are just a tap away. What are you waiting for? Start comparing!


Fighting Chance

Chris Mangus

Have you ever been playing a fighting video game, but you could not pull off the moves you needed to make it to the top? Well, now you can stand a "Fighting Chance". Fighting Chance allows you to learn all the moves for any character in almost any fighting game.

With 2 viewing modes, Fighting Chance will not only help you learn new moves, but it will bring your game to new levels.


iNYU Bus

Andrei Oprisan

The iNYU Bus application makes planning your next trip to and from an NYU dorm and NYU's Washington Square campus a breeze! You can also see all the scheduled bus routes for any day of the week in a simple and elegant way. Taking advantage of the iPhone's built-in GPS device, iNYU Bus will help you get to the closest bus route based on your location in New York City.

iNYU Bus is the only application that you will need to plan your trips in NYC while using the university's transportation system!


Who is it?

Rachal Royce

Think you've got what it takes to answer the question "Who is it?"

Who is it? is a simple but addicting game of logic. Your objective is to determine which of 25 characters is hidden on the mystery card. The catch? You can only ask YES or NO questions. "Is the person a girl?" "Does the person have blonde hair?" Choose your questions wisely, however, because every wrong guess counts against you. You can track which characters are left as possible answers on the Board tab. Think you've solved the puzzle? Ask the final question, "Is the person named ______?" Get a "YES!" and you've won the game!

The challenge of Who is it? is not simply identifying the hidden character, but identifying the hidden character in the LEAST amount of guesses or time. You can play Who is it? and try to beat your personal best in a variety of modes: Low Score, Against the Clock, and Versus the Computer. But beware, the computer can be pretty smart sometimes. You'll soon learn that solving the puzzle is not exceedingly difficult, but beating a low score is nearly impossible.

Download Who is it? and play today!



Tal Safran

Sure, today’s technology is convenient – it allows us to store thousands of songs on teeny mobile devices that can fit in our pockets. But where’s the joy in playing cold, character-less mp3’s? Boring! Wasn’t there something warm and visceral about taking a large vinyl record out of its sleeve, placing it carefully in the center of the turntable, gently lowering the needle and watching it spin away? Today, we have none of that.

With vinyl, you can play music on your high-tech 21st century super-device while still getting a bit of nostalgia in the process. Vinyl is a fully-functional mp3 player with a fresh twist. Instead of the boring, passé interface of the default iTunes player, vinyl provides a sleek and interactive interface that looks and feels just like an old record player! As you play your music, a record will spin realistically and you'll be able to interact by spinning and scratching it, as well as other neat features.


Samuel A Scheinhaus

Pentris is a fresh look at the falling-block genre game. Instead of the traditional four falling blocks, try your luck with five! Save your high scores and keep trying to one up yourself!

Increase the difficulty and increase the fun with Pentris!



Julian Schmitz

Finally - a simple and intuitive way to track detailed statistics for tennis players! Using the iPhone's innovative touchscreen interface, PointTrack makes it easy and fun to track stats for a tennis match. Simply draw the final shots of each point, using easy-to-learn touch gestures to indicate the type of shot. Just by touching the origin and destination of a shot, a visual representation is drawn and stored, along with all relevant data for statkeeping.

Every single tennis statistic can be tracked - winners, errors (forced and unforced), serve percentage, aces, and net points. Additionally, these stats can be broken down by stroke type, opponent, match situation, etc. PointTrack is a vital tool for any tennis player to take their game to the next level!



Nate Swearingen

Have you ever experienced the dawning of musical revelation, only to have it disappear from your memory before you had a chance to write it down?

Now you don't have to! iCompose allows you to quickly and easily jot down the foundation of your masterpiece, save it on your iPhone or iPod touch, and even e-mail it to yourself so you can continue your progress at home or on another device. Fixed width meters allow for an intuitive touch interface.

Because when genius strikes, iCompose.



Lev Tatz

The one and only iPhone app for NYU TV and Campus Cable!

With a few touches you can now know what is on right now, what will be on next and the whole schedule for NYU TV's University and Movie Channels. You can watch trailers of movies to be shown on the NYU TV, read descriptions and check out ratings all from your iPhone. You can also say goodbye to mindless channel surfing as the Campus Cable Channel Guide is seamlessly integrated into this app. Now you can always know what channel you are watching!



Steven Yu

SudoKill is a multiplayer Sudoku-modeled game that allows users to play against each other. The objective of the game is to force the opponent to “break the board.” Modeled after Sudoku, SudoKill follows most of the same rules as Sudoku; a user cannot place the same number into a row, column or mini-squares boxes.

Why SudoKill? SudoKill now offers users the ability to interact through the net. With SudoKill, users can communicate between iPhones, browsers or a mix of both. Come and experience the difference today; play beyond the board!