ITEM 017


Department of Physical Training

and Athletics

F.H. Cann, Director,

University Heights, N.Y.

At New York University the freshman-sophomore rush is con-ducted as follows-

Two Representatives from each class stand upon the Ohio Athletic Field facing each other, both of them having hold of a flag made of leather, Each class is grouped about ten feet away. At the discharge of a pistol, the classes come together each striving to get hold of the flag, The struggle continues for five minutes, when the pistol is again discharged, and the the upper classmen separate the men, the victory going to the class having the greatest number of hands on the flag.

Letter From NYU in response to Wisconsin's query concerning rush, 1907

Written by F.H. Cann, director of Physical Training and Athletics, NYU, 8.5x11 inches

Original on onion skin, notation upper right corner by archivists, scanned at 16 bit grayscale

Courtesy of the NYU Archives