V22.0380 - 001: Computing in the Humanities and the Arts -- Prof. Deena Engel - Spring, 2009




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Books on reserve at the Bobst library:

The Text in the Machine: Electronic Texts in the Humanities
AZ 186 .B87 1999
By Toby Burrows
The Haworth Press, 1999
Good bibliography and resources.

Oxford University Computing Services Guide to Digital Resources for Humanities
AZ 221 .C66 2001
By Frances Condron, Michael Fraser, Stuart Sutherland
West Virginia University Press, 2001
This book is an excellent resource as it covers resources across many fields in the humanities, including Classics, philosophy, literature, etc. The bibliography is extensive. Note: There is also an edition from 2000 at AZ 221 .C66 2000.

Information Technology and Scholarship: Applications in the Humanities and Social Sciences
AZ 105 .I546 1999
Edited by Terry Coppock
Oxford University Press for the British Academy, 1999

A Historian’s Guide to Computing
D16 .2 .G74 1994
By Daniel Greenstein
Oxford University Press, 1994
Some information on statistics for historians; Chapter 5 is on “Text and Text Processing”.
Good bibliography and resources guide.

Electronic Collaboration in the Humanities: Issues and Opinions
AZ 183 .U5 E44 2004
Edited by James A. Inman, Cheryl Reed, Peter Sands
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, 2004
This book is an overview and a collection of many articles; topics include the impact of computing on humanitites education.

See page 255 to read about the Kolb-Proust Archive of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; found on the web at http://www.library.uiuc.edu/kolbp/

Computers and Technical Communication: Pedagogical and Programmatic Perspectives
T 10 .5 C593 1997
Stuart A. Selber, ed.
Greenwich, CT: Ablex Publishing Corp., 1997

Damaged Romanticism: A Mirror of Modern Emotion
Exhibition Catalogue: Grey Art Gallery at NYU
Sultan, Terry; Pagel, David; Gardner, Colin; Schmuckli, Claudia
London: D. Gile Limited, 2008

Please note: In addition to the copy at the Bobst listed here, the Grey has three copies of the catalogue on a study table with chairs in the exhibition's lower level. Students are welcome to sit and read these at the table for as long as they like ... (And you can enjoy at the art on the walls around you as you do so!)

Computing in the Social Sciences and Humanities
HD 61 .3 .C654 2002
Edited by Orville Vernon-Burton
University of Illinois Press, 2002
Includes a CD-ROM and a chapter on Computing in the field of History.

HTML, XHTML & CSS (Visual QuickStart Guide Series)
by Elizabeth Castro
ISBN-13: 9780321430847
Pub. Date: August 2006

XML: Visual QuickStart Guide, 2nd Edition
By Kevin Howard Goldberg
Published Dec 11, 2008 by Peachpit Press.
ISBN-10: 0-321-55967-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-55967-8

Please send email to with any questions.

Note: Find reserve items at http://library.nyu.edu/ and click on BobCat reserves to search by instructor name, course number or course name. Course Reserves are located in the Bobst Library - Lower Level 2.