Spring 2009

Nathan Hull

Phone: (212) 998-3152

Office: Warren Weaver Hall, Room 322
Class: MW   12:30 -  1:45 Room 102 WWH
Spring Office hours: Tues./Thur 3:15 - 4:15

Final: Wednesday, May 6th • 12:00 - 1:50 • Room 102, WWH




C Progs

BoyRun - Example of Redefined Character Set

PGDemo - Example of CGA direct write to Video Memory

Car_Mover - Mouse / Animation Example from class

Dewar Game Program

Random Interrupt (62h)

Mouse Interrupt (33h)

Table of Musical Note Frequencies

C Tutorial (originally created by, and in memory of henning biermann)

GCC & GAS - Installing, Running, Debugging

For further info see:

C in XCode on the Mac


Departmental Statement on Academic Integrity

Dewar Assembler in ZIP format (DAS.COM)
Dewar Debugger in ZIP format (DDB.COM)

Free DOS Emulator (DOSBox)for Mac Intel • Another DOS Emulator (Boxer App)

Calculators and Charts

Web Assembler Resources


Eli Bildirici -    s90201 [at] cs [dot] nyu [dot] edu

Mailing Lists


Important Spring 2009 Dates

V201 Final Exam: Wednesday, May 6th 12:00 - 1:50
There will be no make up and the final is mandatory. Do not make plans to leave the New York City area before the date of the final