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DatePages in text & Powerpoint presentations
1/21pp2-5 math-intro, 16-18 (autoboxing)
1/26pp82-84 (The Stack ADT)
1/28pp84-86 (Evaluating postfix expressions)
2/2pp86-89 (infix to postfix, generics)
2/4pp59-60 (Linked Lists)
2/9Chapter 3 (Linked Lists implentation of stacks and queu)
2/11Chapter 3 (Collections and Iterators)
2/16President's Day; No classes
2/18Chapter 3 (Generics, Collections and Iterators, adding and removing nodes (Dictionaries))
2/23Chapter 3 pp75-79 (double linked list, GUIs)
2/25Prep for exam, bounded generic types
3/2Prep for exam, Huffman class
3/9Huffman coding (pp.389-395), trees (pp.107-112) More on Big oh
3/11Expression trees (p.109), priority queue (pp.201-202)
3/16-21Spring break, no classes
3/23Binary Search Trees (Dictionary) (p.112-113), Anonymous class
3/25Breadth First Search, Sorting Huffman records using a BST
3/30Heaps (pp. 254-258)
4/1More on Heaps (pp. 254-258)
4/6Prep for 2nd midterm
4/8Prep for 2nd midterm continued
4/13 2nd midterm
4/15Quick Sort (pp264-274) Hashing (pp169-172) Merge Sort (pp. 258-264)
4/20Huffman Heap
4/22Exam Solutions, 2-3 Trees
4/27Solving recurrence relations, HashMap and HashTree.
4/29Preparation for the exam.
5/4Linear Probing Hashing. Sorting Review