G22.2591 - Advanced Natural Language Processing - Spring 2009

Lecture 13

Discuss KBP progress.

Schedule for remainder of term:
Class 14 - April 30 - everyone give brief progress report on term project
A few (5-6) slides summarizing

May 6 at noon - submit final project report by email

Coreference, cont'd

Discuss coreference scoring ( Vilain's paper).

Discuss hand-constructed systems (Hobbs, Lappin and Leass).

Discuss probabilistic model (Ge, Hale, and Charniak).

Coreference resolution is a very knowledge-intensive task, so it is natural to try to apply semi-supervised or unsupervised methods:

David Bean and Ellen Riloff. Unsupervised learning of contextual role knowledge for coreference resolution. Proc. HLT/NAACL 2004.
Learns pairs of predicates which are likely to govern references to the same entity, starting with reliable coreference pairs. Applied in two narrow domains, terrorism and disasters.

Xiaofeng Yang and Jian Su. Coreference resolution using semantic relatedness information from automatically discovered patterns. Proc. ACL 2007.
Acquires information on semantically-related pairs, particularly proper name-noun pairs.