G22.2591 - Advanced Natural Language Processing - Spring 2009

Assignment #3

Due Wednesday April 1

For the third experiment, we will try to find paraphrases of relation expressions automatically from a large corpus. The basic idea, which we will explore in the papers of Brin and Agichtein, works as follows:

Also it's time to think about a term project
Semi-supervised experiments at name tagging, hyponymy, or relation extraction are just some of the possibilities. If you have a clear idea of what you want to do, send me an abstract by April 1.

One timely possibility is to help us in preparing for a possible TAC KBP evaluation. If several students opt for this, we would do it collaboratively, comparing notes each week.

KBP involves both slot-filling (relation finding) and linking tasks; we will focus on the slot-filling, since it matches what we are currently covering in the course. The first step is to study an individual relation (attribuite) and get a better appreciation of the problem. You may want to study the relation you are working on for Assignment #3. Things we need to understand include

To answer some of these questions, you will need to collect a fair number of examples of the relation.

If you are taking this path, please send a progress report with answers to (some of) these questions by April 1.