Notes and Code:

Class Date Topic
Class Programs
Class Lectures
1 Jan. 23   Intro to class
2 Jan. 28 Programs from chapter 2 slides: ComputeArea.html, DisplayTime.html, FahrenheitToCelsius.html, SalesTax.html, DisplayUnicode.html, ComputeLoan.html, ComputeChange.html, ShowCurrentTime.html, TestScanner.html
Also see corresponding notes and lectures from my Spring 2007 0002 class
Liang Chapter 2 (part covered 1-30)
3 Jan. 30 Programs from chapter 3 slides: LeapYear.html, LearnAddition.html, ComputeTaxWithSelectionStatement.html, SubtractionTutor.html, GuessBirthDate.html
Also see corresponding notes and lectures from my Spring 2007 0002 class
Liang Chapter 3(part covered 2-14)
4 Feb. 4 Programs from chapter 4 slides: SubtractionTutorLoop.html, SentinelValue.html, TestSum.html, TestMultiplicationTable.html, GreatestCommonDivisor.html, FindSalesAmount.html, PrintPyramid.html, TestBreak.html, TestContinue.html, PrimeNumber.html
Also see corresponding notes and lectures from my Spring 2007 0002 class
Liang Chapter 4
5 Feb. 6 TestMax.html, TestPassByValue.html, TestMethodOverloading.html, ComputeTaxWithMethod.html, PrintCalendar.html, PrintCalendarSkeleton.html
Also see corresponding notes and lectures from my Spring 2007 0002 class
Liang Chapter 5
6 Feb.11 cut and paste from slides Recursion
7 Feb. 13 Array1.txt, Array2.txt, Array3.txt, Histogram.txt, RollDie.txt, StudentPoll.txt, TestPassArray.txt, MakeHot.txt, MakeArrayInMethod.txt, TestCopyArray1.txt, TestCopyArray2.txt, TestCopyArray3.txt Arrays 1 (part covered on February 20)
8 Feb. 20 TicTacToe.txt, TestLength.txt, TestMatrixOperation.txt, GradeExam.txt
Arrays 2
9 Feb. 25
10 Feb. 27 TestCircle.txt, TestSwitch.txt, TestCircleWithConstructors.txt, TimeTest1.txt Objects & Classes 1
11 Mar. 3 CircleWithAccessors.txt, TestCircleWithAccessors.txt, CircleWithStaticVariable.txt, TestCircleWithStaticVariable.txt, TestDate.txt Objects & Classes 2
12 Mar. 5 ThisTest.txt, Time2.txt, TimeTest2.txt, Date.txt, Employee.txt, EmployeeTest.txt, TestPassingObject.txt Objects & Classes 3
13 Mar. 10 TestCalculate1.txt, TestCalculate2.txt, TestLongestBlankInString.txt, TestPlayer.txt, TestReverseString.txt, TestComplex.txt, Complex.txt, TimeTest3.txt, Time2.txt  
14 Mar. 12 MIDTERM
15 Mar. 24 HourlyEmployee.txt, TestHourlyEmployee.txt, RecusiveMultiplication.txt Fifteen1.txt, Fifteen2.txt, Fifteen3.txt
LinearSearch.txt, BinarySearch.txt, SelectionSort.txt, BubbleSort.txt
Sort and Search
16 Mar. 26 GeometricObject.txt, Circle.txt, Rectangle.txt, TestCircleRectangle.txt
Cylinder.txt, TestCircleCylinderRectangle.txt
17 Mar. 31  modifications to last class' programs were made in class Inheritance, Object class, Intro to Polymorphism
18 Apr. 2 WelcomeApplet.txt, WelcomeApplet2.txt, WelcomeApplet3.txt, AppletJOptionPane.txt, DrawRectangle.txt, SolidRectangle.txt, MovingRectangle.txt, SlowMovingRectangle.txt, SlowMovingRectangle2.txt  applets
19 Apr. 7 TotalArea.txt
Same class hierarchy with equals() methods and test instanceof operator
GeometricObject.txt, Circle.txt, Rectangle.txt, Cylinder.txt, TestCircleCylinderRectangle.txt
TestCircleCylinderRectangle2.txt (try both GeometricObject files), GeometricObject.txt (with abstract methods)
Employee.txt, SalariedEmployee.txt, HourlyEmployee.txt, CommissionEmployee.txt, BasePlusCommissionEmployee.txt, PayrollSystemTest.txt
Arrays of Objects
casting objects and abstract classes
20 Apr. 9
21 Apr. 14
22 Apr. 16 TestComparableBinarySearch.txt, TestComparableMax.txt, TestObjectEqualsLinearSearch.txt, Tokenizer1.txt, Tokenizer2.txt, Tokenizer3.txt, TestDatabase.txt interfaces
23 Apr. 21 String.txt (from the Java API), MyString.txt, TestMyString.txt  
24 Apr. 23 ScannerTest1.txt, ScannerTest2.txt Scanner Class
25 Apr. 28 HandleExceptionDemo.txt, CircleWithException.txt, TestCircleWithException.txt, CircleWithRadiusException.txt, InvalidRadiusException.txt, TestCircleWithInvalidRadiusException.txt Exception Handling
26 Apr. 30 Cipher.txt, TestMagicSquare.txt, Minesweep.txt  
27 May 5 (solution using only stuff from this class - still not modular) Person.txt, Employee.txt, Student.txt, Staff.txt, Faculty.txt, TestPerson.txt
(solution using some concepts we have not covered but can understand - this is more modular - can still be improved) Person.txt, Employee.txt, Student.txt, Staff.txt, Faculty.txt, TestPerson.txt
Building.txt, ResidentialBuilding.txt, EmployeeHousing.txt, Dormitory.txt
ArrayList1_4.txt, ArrayList1_5.txt
Final Exam