Course Lectures & Resources for sections 1 & 4:

Final Exam : There will be no make up exams and the final is mandatory. Do not make plans to leave the New York City area before or on these dates.



Class Topics Lectures, Resources and Examples

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Class Topic: Working with Text and Images

In-class Exercise: Given the following text and image ... can you render this result?

Font instructions needed for assignment # 1.

More on Typeface (Download Shockwave plugin to view this document on the web)

Class Topic: Working With Unix Operating System (Basic UNIX Commands)


Basic UNIX Commands || Unix Tutorial

Unix review lecture

Discuss assignment #2

Class Topics: Bits and Bytes



Decimal System Base -10

Binary System, Base - 2

Class Topics: Introduction to HTML.

Learn to create and edit HTML documents for the web.

Class Topic: Images for the web; Learn to use Photoshop to create/edit images for the web.


Download a free tryout of
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended for the MAC and Window
for your computer. Please note that the tryout product will work for only 30 days and you need to register by choosing and id and a password)

  • Download photoshop tryout for MAC
  • Download photoshop tryout for Windows

- Photoshop tutorial #1
-Photoshop tutorial # 2

Free Graphics: You can go to the following online resources to get free images:

Class Topic: Using External and Inline Cascading Styles Sheet (CSS) to design documents for the web

Style Lecture

CSS Simple Examples:
1) Inline styles: Using styles within the header of the HTML page
2) Using external CSS style: Link from an HTML page to an external style sheet file (Click here for the style sheet)

Please note that you need to include a link tag in the header of an HTML document when using an external CSS file:

         <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css">

CSS Advance Example (using an external CSS style sheet)
- HTML file that links to an external Style (CSS) file

- Style Sheet (CSS) tutorials:

Class Topic: How to include Sound and Video files on the web


Learn to include Sound and video on your website


In-class Topic:
Midterm Review

More HTML tags: HR and Marquee tag (for fun)

Review Concepts for the midterm

1) General Midterm review topics (what to focus on for the midterm)

2) HTML: HTML review lecture

3) Photoshop: Photoshop review Lecture

4) Internet and the web: Internet review Lecture

5) Unix: Unix: Unix review lecture & Summary of Unix commands

6) Excerpts: Slides for chapter 2 (Slides # 4 -6 & slides # 33-34) || Bits and Bytes tutorial

In-class Topic: Creating Gif animation for the web using Photoshop and ImageReady.

In-class Exercise: Try to create an animation for Assignment # 4 similar to the Godzilla examples:

1) Complete Scene Godzilla: example

View animation examples on the web

Simple Animation tutorial




In-class Topic:

Introduction to DreamWeaver and Web Design

In-class Exercise: Try to browse your favorate website to get ideas for designing your own website.

Concepts in Website Design examples


In-class Topic:

Creating Style (Externall CSS and inline ) using DreamWeaver

* Download Trial version of Dreamweaver (for 30 days):
- Download DreaWeaver (trial /free version for Windows and MAC)

- View a complicated external Style sheet (CSS) (Please note that yours does not have to be complictaed)
- View a simple extrenal CSS file

- Style Sheet (CSS) tutorials:

Index on Dreamweaver **tutorials** exploring *Imporatant topics* such as:
- Creating goals for your site
- Organizing the site structure
- Creating your design look
- Designing the navigation scheme
- Planning and gathering your assets

In-class Topic: DreamWeaver, Layout Design using Tables and Frames.


- Please read this tutorial: Which to use: frames or tables?



In-class Topic: Add sound and video, Meta tags, original animation, rollovers (navigation buttons), named anchor tags and a counter

- Optional topics: Create a web photo album


-Adding sound and video to your webpages
- Meta tags:- View Meta tags example

- add a counter to your page


In-class Topic: Add favicon (favicon.ico) to add to your website

- See instructions here to create your favicon.ico in photoshop and add to your site

- Use this website to customize and create your favicon (favicon.ico)

In-class Topic: Excel




In-class Topic: Cookies, privacy and Flash

Cookies & privacy


final review