Homework 3, assigned
TUES THURS section TUES FEB 12, due FEB 19 11:59 pm.
MON WED section WED FEB 13, due FEB 20 11:59 pm.

This assignment requires you to write two programs

3a. Write a program that reads a social security number written as contiguous digits (for instance, 509435456), uses the charAt method to obtain each character and then prints each digit on a separate line followed by a colon and the digit printed the number of times equal to its value. Thus the output for 509435456 would be


Hint: Use a char variable, e.g., index, for the inner loop control variable and write the inner for loop as for(char index = '1'; index <= digit; index++) where digit is the char variable use to store the digit taken from the string.

3b. Write the program so that index is an int variable. This means you must convert the character assigned to digit to an int.

Use (on the TUES-THURS link) FEB 5 Prog13 for converting a char digit to an int digit; FEB 7 Prog7 for a char driving a loop; Prog4.java FEB 12 for a nested loop.