Computer Vision

Geiger, Davi


Classes are schedule Tuesdays 5:00 pm to 6:50 pm, 251 Mercer St, Room 109.

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Office Hours and Location: Wednesdays 3:00 to 5:00 pm, at 719 Broadway Room 1225.

Books: None


1. Introduction to Computer Vision.
Lecture 1.ppt (power point)

Lecture 2.ppt (power point)

2. Format Images
Crispy's page on Handling .png files in C++

Brandao's code: cimage.h , cimage.cpp , Sample.txt

3. Image Measurements and Feature Detection
(Image pixels, oriented filters, derivatives, edges, junctions)
Lecture 3.ppt (ppt document) and Lecture 3a.pdf (pdf document)

4. Contour Detection (Snakes and graph algorithms)
Lecture 4.pdf (pdf)

5. Image Segmentation
Lecture 5a.ppt (power point)
Shi & Malik's paper Ncut.pdf
Lecture 5b.ppt (power point)
E. Sharon, M. Galun, D. Sharon, R. Basri, A. Brandt. Hierarchy and Adaptivity in Segmenting Visual Scenes (pdf) , Nature 2006, (June 28th online; August 17th print).
M. Galun, E. Sharon, R. Basri, A. Brandt. Texture Segmentation by Multiscale Aggregation of Filter Responses and Shape Elements (pdf) , Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, 716-723, Nice ,France, 2003.

6. Stereo Vision
Lecture 6.ppt (power point)

7. Bayesian Belief Propagation
Lecture 7.ppt (power point)

8. Structure from Motion
Lecture 8.ppt (power point)

Tomasi & Kanade's paper structure from motion.pdf
Tomasi & Kanade's paper figures figures.pdf

9. Tracking a set of points
Lecture 9.ppt (power point)

condensation algorithm home page
Isard and Blake book chapter tracking.pdf

10. Illumination (Decomposing illumination from reflectance functions)
Lecture 10.ppt (power point)

11. Symmetry Axis
Lecture11.ppt (power point)

Evaluation: Homeworks.

Homeworks: Students are encouraged to work on small groups (not more than 5 students in a group, and three is better than five.) However, each student should submit/write its own homework.

Here are the images:
circle.bmp or circle.png or circle.jpg or circle.gif
noise.circle.bmp or noise.circle.png or noise.circle.jpg or noise.circle.gif
trapeze.bmp or trapeze.png or trapeze.jpg or trapeze.gif
noise.trapeze.bmp or noise.trapeze.png or noise.trapeze.jpg or noise.trapeze.gif
butterfly.bmp or butterfly.png or butterfly.jpg or butterfly.gif

Homework-1.pdf (pdf document)
due Tuesday February 5th, 2008

Homework-2.pdf (pdf document)
due Tuesday February 19th, 2008

Homework-3.pdf (pdf document)
due Tuesday march 10th, 2008
school.bmp or school.png or school.jpg

Homework-4.pdf (pdf document)
due Tuesday April 29th, 2008
Here are the stereo images:
random.left.bmp and random.right.bmp or random.left.png and random.right.png
square.left.bmp and square.right.bmp or square.left.jpg and square.right.jpg
pentagon.left.bmp and pentagon.right.bmp or pentagon.left.jpg and pentagon.right.jpg
tsukuba.left.png and tsukuba.right.png