V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Spring, 2007

Assignment #1

Assignment Instructions || What to Submit || Style Sheets || Creating a PDF file

Assignment #1

Using Microsoft Word, create a one-page document about yourself! You may write about your interests, your computer experience, your career aspirations, your family. However, you must include the following technical elements:

Here is an example using a document about the famous composer & lyricist team, Gilbert & Sullivan.

In addition, you should use styles in this report as follows:

Your assignment will be graded on how accurately you use all of these features.

2. What to submit: (Your instructor will go over this in class):

By email to your class grading account:

Please give the following to your instructor in class (stapled together with your name and section clearly marked):

3. How to Print out the Style Sheet and Screen Shot

1. To print out the style sheet, select FILE:PRINT, and then in the dialogue box, choose "Microsoft Word" and in the box below it choose "STYLES" rather than "DOCUMENT".

2. Also, print a picture of the screen showing the first page of your newsletter along with the text and styles. (This picture should include the left-hand column containing the style names which requires the document to be in normal view in the VIEW menu.)

- To do this on the Mac: Have the Word document open to page 1 so it is displayed on the screen. Hold down the keys Command + Shift + 4 and a small cross-bar (looking like a plus sign or + will appear). Then, hold down the Control key and drag the plus sign out to highlight the part of your screen containing the Word document. This places a picture of your screen in the clipboard. Now, you can open a new document in Word and then select "paste" from the edit menu to paste the screenshot inside the Word document. Print this page from Word.

- To do this on the PC: Have the Word document open to page 1 so it is displayed on the screen. Press the PRINT SCREEN button (usually on the upper-right-hand corner of the keyboard). This will place a picture of your screen on the clipboard. Then go back to Word and start a new page or a new document. Select EDIT then PASTE and a picture of your screen should appear. Print this page.

4. PDF Files: How to Create a PDF document from your report in Word on the Mac

1 Open the report in Word X on the Macintosh.
2 Select FILE / PRINT
3 Select "Save as PDF" (which is a button on the bottom of the Print window). When you are prompted for the "Save As:" file name, be sure to use a suffix of PDF.