Cryptographic Tools in Deployed Systems:
What Does the Padlock Mean?

Monday (NOT Tuesday) 7:00-8:90, 1302 WWH

Zvi M. Kedem

Graduate Division
Computer Science

Brief synopsis of the course

When you give a web site that claims to be www.amazon.com your credit card number, how do you know that

  1. you are indeed talking to www.amazon.com and not some other web site that told your browser that it is www.amazon com, and
  2. that nobody else between you and www.amazon.com overhears this interaction?

There is probably a small padlock, which you trust. But what is actually happening "under the hood"? At the end of this course you will know this and also will have detailed understanding of most fundamental cryptographically-based mechanisms used in currently deployed systems, with focus on those used on the Web. You will also understand, and know how to use, some of the freely available, open-source packages for securing information on your personal computer and email exchanges with others.


For additional information, please see pages, starting with the 00Readme file.