Lecture date Topic Papers Notes
Jan 18 Introduction: What if  a computer lies?
How do we deal with liars in systems?
No papers to be read
Jan 25 Basic techniques to deal with liars - reliable communication, byzantine mechanisms, cryptographic mechanisms, reputation mechanisms Refer to reading list (Lam82, Dol82, Sub05)
Feb 1 Secure routing protocols - part 1
(Routing in the Internet)
Feb 8 Secure routing protocols - part 2
(Routing in other networks)
Feb 15 Designing a secure naming system - DNS, Self certifying names
Feb 22 Byzantine fault tolerant file systems
Mar 1 Untrusted storage environments
Mar 8 Securing large-scale P2P systems
Mar 15 Spring Break
Mar 22 Security in the enterprise world - access control, firewalls, detecting bad traffic
Mar 29 Intrusion detection mechanisms
Apr 6 Worms, viruses and bots
Apr 13 The liars in the wireless world! - Security in wireless environments
Apr 20 Software security and OS-level protection mechanisms - how to prevent/protect your computer from lying?
Apr 27 Designing trustworthy computers - Electronic voting machines, trusted computing, biometrics