Textbooks and Other Reading Resources

While there are several good books on cryptography by now (see below), none of them covers the material precisely in the manner/order that I will present it. When possible, though, I will try to be consistent with the following textbook:

Here are some other resources you might find useful.

  1. Wenbo Mao, Modern Cryptography: Theory and Practice. More geared towards public-key cryptography, very little symmetric-key cryptography. Relatively modern treatment.

  2. H. Delfs and H. Knebl, Introduction to Cryptography. Not bad, but you might find it too difficult , and the order of topics is not ideal.

  3. Lecture Notes on Cryptography by Shafi Golwasser and Mihir Bellare. Pretty good set of notes. The quality is not uniform, though. Some important topics are covered in too much detail, the others are almost ignored.

  4. A. Menezes, P. Van Oorschot and S. Vanstone, Handbook of applied Cryptography (Free Electronically!). This book is quite complete, and focuses more on applications. Again, very useful if you are seriously into cryptography, but might overwhelm you.

  5. B. Schneier, Applied Cryptography (second edition). Very useful referece for practical cryptography. Great summary of (by then) current algorithms and standards. Not a good first textbook though.

  6. W. Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security (third edition). Good mix of theory and practice, not ideal for this course though.

  7. Notes from my graduate cryptography class. Way too advanced for this class, but you might find some lectures useful.

Other Handouts

Sometimes I might point you to various on-line lecture notes, or possibly hand out alternative lecture notes in class (e.g., when we study Number Theory). These will be listed in the Handouts section on the class web site.

Last modified: January 13, 2006