SCHEDULE - Introduction to Computers and Programming - Spring 2006 - section 2

Class Date Lecture Reading
1 Jan. 18  Introduction  Code: Preface plus Chapters 1-3
2 Jan. 23   A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
3 Jan. 25    Code: Chapters 4 and 5
4 Jan. 30   US Plans to Fight The Net,
Google's Chinese censorship efforts tank,
More On What Google (and Probably A Lot of Others) Know
5 Feb. 1    Code: Chapters 6 - 8
Five Ways To Keep Your Google Searches Private,
US Cos Won't Attend Government Panel On Internet In China,
Postage Due, With Special Delivery, for Companies Sending E-Mail to AOL and Yahoo (you will need an NYU NetID to access this article - if the link does not work, search Proquest NYTimes for the title of the article)
6 Feb. 6   History and Senator Stevens' iPod
7 Feb. 8   WSN editorial on Net Neutrality,
Verizon Executive Calls for End to Google's 'Free Lunch',
Google Says No to QOS Fees,
First reports from the hearing
8 Feb. 13 History of Computers EFF on Yahoo, AOL, Goodmail and IP,
US plans massive data sweep,
From the EFF regarding Google's new "Search Across Computers" feature
9 Feb. 15 E-tracking through your cell phone,
Microsoft Wants No Passwords
10 Feb. 22 History of Networking,
Circuit vs Packet Switching
NYTimes 1877 regarding pravicy and the telephone (you will need an NYU NetID to access this article - if the link does not work, search Proquest historical newspapers NYTimes historical for the article),
Tollbooths on the Internet Highway,
Google's Response to the DoJ motion
11 Feb. 27 Privacy Taking Spying to Higher Level, Agencies Look for More Ways to Mine Data,By JOHN MARKOFF
12 Mar. 1 Patriot Act Searches Apply to Non-Terrorists,
Senate Approves Patriot Act (this one one article of many relating to the topic - we looked at a different one in class)
13 Mar. 6 Midterm topics AOL, Goodmail story update,
Consumers May Pay Once For Internet Access And Again for Using It
14 Mar. 8 midterm exam
Spring Break
15 Mar. 20   Bruce Schneier on data mining,
Google Doesn't Have To Turn Over Search Queries To DOJ - Judge,
Esther Dyson on Goodmail,
EFF response to Dyson
16 Mar. 22 Computer Crime IRS plans to allow preparers to sell data
17 Mar. 27 FCC Chief: AT&T Can Limit Net Bandwidth,
Interesting People list archive for March (many posts regarding the Goodmail debate),
EFF Founding
18 Mar. 29 Michael Meyers: Technology and Journalism  
19 Apr. 3   America's War On The Web
20 Apr 5 Flyer for Peter Bergen lecture How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet,
Terrorists Turn to the Web as Base of Operations,
The Web as Weapon,
TERROR.COM: Iraq's tech-savvy insurgents are finding supporters and luring suicide-bomber recruits over the Internet,
Al-Qaeda's Media Strategies
21 Apr. 10 Copyrights, Patents and Free Software: A Talk by Robert Dewar  
22 Apr. 12  
23 Apr. 17 Computer Reliabilty  
24 Apr. 19  
25 Apr. 24 Outsourcing,
Creative Commons and Free Culture
26 Apr. 26 Electronic Voting Electronic Voting:
Security (bold items are assigned reading)
Threats to Voting Systems,
Paper v. Electronic Voting Records: An Assessment: Michael Ian Shamos ,
Testimony of Michael I. Shamos,
A Deeper Look: Rebutting Shamos on e-Voting,
Testimony: Government Reform Committee.s Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and the Census (Avi Rubin),
Usability and Voting Equipment,
Procuring a User-Centered Voting System
27 May 1 Final Review  

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