SYLLABUS – Spring 2004

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General course information

Mandatory Text
Introduction to Java Programming Fifth Edition
By Daniel Liang
ISBN: 0-13-148952-6
Prentice Hall
Optional Text
Java How to Program, 6/E
by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel
ISBN: 0-13-148398-6
Prentice Hall 2005
Software (See Class resources)

Sun's Java compiler version 1.4.2
JCreator IDE


There will be two midterms and a final. Your grade will be 40 percent midterms plus 40 percent final plus 20 percent homework.If you plan to continue with computer science courses, you *MUST* get a grade of C or better in this course. No exceptions will be made.

The homework will consist of programming assignments. Style counts (that includes using meaningful names and providing sufficient comments in the body of the programs). Assignments must be done on the computer.

  • Ten points will be deducted for each class day late, with a possible maximum of 30 points being deducted.
  • Home works will not be accepted past the third class date after their assigned date.
  • For each assignment that you do not not hand in within the limit, your final grade will be lowered by one letter grade ( i.e., if you are averaging a B+, but you have missed 2 home works, your final grade will be B-).
  • Buy a few high-density disks: for your own good you must save all programs on a disk and back them up on another disk.


Introduction Chapter 1
JCreator or Netbeans basics Chapter 2
Java Primitive types and Operations Chapter 2

Control Structure:

if/else and switch

Chapter 3

Loop Statemnts: while, do-while, for

Chapter 3
Methods Chapter 4
Math class & Random method Chapter 4
Arrays Chapter 5
Applets Chapter 14