Advanced Cryptography

G22.3220-001 Spring 2005

Class on Feb. 9 meets from 11am-1pm in 613 WWH!!

Instructor: Victor Shoup

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Lectures: Wed 5:00-6:50pm, room 102 WWH

Grading: Grading will be based on problem sets, taking scribe notes, and class participation. There will be no exams.

Course description:

This semester, we will focus on elliptic curve cryptography. After a fairly in-depth study of the mathematics underlying elliptic curves, we will study some algorithmic questions as well as applications to cryptography.

Prerequisites: Students should be comfortable with the basics of abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields).

Text: A. Enge: Elliptic Curves and their Application to Cryptography: An Introduction.

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Problem Sets