G22.2590 - Natural Language Processing -- Spring 2003 -- Prof. Grishman

Assignment #8

March 28, 2005

Set up your Jet system to run the appointment extraction task.  You will need

Put the first four files in the Jet data directory, and the properties file in the props directory.  A guide to Appointment patterns summarizes the new features of these pattern files, most of which were described in the lecture notes.

1. [2 points] Run Jet using the appointmentPattern file and the appointments text file.  Display the output (just the lines with the events found). Note:  these will appear in the DOS or shell window, not the Jet console.   Identify at least 3 errors in the output, and the cause of the errors.

2. [1 point] Modify the appointmentPattern file to correct at least one of these errors.  A small extra credit will be awarded for principled fixes of multiple errors (this may involve fixes to both the chunk and appointment patterns).  Principled fixes would handle a range of similar problems without significantly degrading precision (retrieving lots of incorrect events).  Fixes which literally handle a single example will not get extra credit.

3. [1 point] Using a web search (or copying a sentence from a newspaper), find two more examples of hiring events.  Try them with the extraction patterns.  If they don’t work, indicate why.

Due April 11th.