G22.2590 - Natural Language Processing  -- Spring 2005 -- Prof. Grishman

Assignment #2

January 31, 2005

(1) [1.5 points] Using the grammar given in sections 9.1-9.5 of J & M, determine the constituent structure of the sentences

a) Show the airlines with flights to Boston.
b) Show the airlines that fly to Boston.
c) I need to know the aircraft and flight number.
d) Do you prefer to go to Boston?
    You do not have to account for agreement (p. 340-41) or subcategorization (p. 344).  If you don't want to draw trees, you can use parenthesis notation ("[S  [NP  [Nominal  [Noun flights]]] [VP [Verb crash]]]").  The grammar given in sections 9.1-9.5 is summarized below.

(2) [1.5 points] J&M 9.3:  Augment the rules of the J&M grammar in the manner described on page 341 to handle pronouns.  Deal properly with person and case.  Your grammar does not have to account for the special form of "be" for first person singular ("I am").

(3) [1 point] Using Jet, add a verb and a noun to the dictionary given and parse two sentences,  using the top-down parser; submit the parses produced (copy and paste from the console log).  Download Jet and follow the Jet Guide for Assignment 2.

Due February 13th.

Summary of Jurafsky and Martin English Grammar (Chapter 9, sections 1-5)


VP |

Aux NP VP | Wh-NP VP | Wh-NP Aux NP VP |

S and S
Pronoun |

Proper-Noun |

(Det) (Card) (Ord) (Quant) (AP) Nominal |

NP and NP
Noun Nominal | Noun | Nominal PP (PP) (PP) |

Nominal GerundVP | Nominal RelClause
Verb | Verb NP | Verb NP PP | Verb PP | Verb S |  Verb to VP

VP and VP
Preposition NP
GerundV | GerundV NP | GerundV PP | GerundV NP PP
(who | that) VP