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Logan Poelman         
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Class Abstract

User Interfaces - Theory and practice of User Interfaces, primarily GUIs but TUIs, VUI, .... 
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Topics include:

bulletgeneral design principles
bulletdesign process
bulletrequirements gathering
bulletworkflow & task analysis
bulletapplication design
bulletweb design

Key Dates

bulletFinal May 9


What's  New (Updated - 05/13/2005)

bulletGrades for the homework and exams are posted
bulletFinal course grades have been given to the department and should be available on Albert at https://home.nyu.edu/


bulletGrades for HW#3 posted
bullet Slides for Lecture Posted
bulletLecture 10 slides
bulletHW#5 is assigned
bullet ALL Homework is due on or before MAY 2, 5 PM EST
bulletFinal Exam - May 9th - 7PM - 9PM
bulletNo office hours May 9th 
bulletLecture 9 Slides
bulletGrades for HW 1 & 2
bulletHW #4 is assigned
bulletLecture 8 slides
bulletLecture 7 slides
bulletHW#3 is assigned
bulletAdded grader email address to contact
bulletDATE Change - HW#3 will be assigned Mar 21 and
due April 4 see schedule
bulletDATE Change - CDS Worksheets are
due Mar 21 by 7 PM EST see schedule
bulletLecture 6 slides
bullet CDS Worksheet
bulletArgoUML Usability report document is here please fill out and return by Monday March 7 by class time. This is an ungraded assignment.
bullet Slides Lecture 5
bulletHomework #2 is assigned
bulletPlease download ArgoUML from www.ArgoUML.org Please spend time learning it. Record your observations about learning it/using it. 1/2 pages of comments is fine.
bulletLecture 4 slides A and B
bulletSwing Programming Intro & Widgets Slides
bulletLecture 3 slides
bulletLecture 2 slides (fixed permissions)
bulletHW#1 assigned HW#!
bulletUpdated the HW#! assignment
bulletLecture 1 slides
bulletJan 24 First Day of Classes
bulletSchedule Updated here
bulletmailing list subscribe at
bulletCheating Policy READ THIS



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