Computer Vision

Geiger, Davi

Mon/Wed 3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

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Grader: Michael Zawadzki:
office719 Broadway 12th Flr Room 1213
e-mail: zawa@cat.nyu.edu

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Office Hours and Location: Mondays 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at 719 Broadway Room 1225.

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1. Format Images
Lecture 1.ppt (power point)
png.java c++.html
for more material see http://cat.nyu.edu/~crispy/vis2003/

2. Introduction to Computer Vision.
Lecture 2.ppt (power point)

3. Image Measurements and Feature Detection
(Image pixels, oriented filters, derivatives, edges, junctions)
Lecture 3.ppt (power point) and Lecture 3a.doc (word document) and Lecture 3b.doc (word document)

4. Image formation
Lecture 4.ppt (power point)

5. Contour Detection (Snakes and graph algorithms)
Lecture 5.doc (word document)

6. Image Segmentation Lecture 6.ppt (power point)
Shi&Malik's paper Ncut.ps.gz (compressed postscript)

Shi's work ncut_popout_cvpr01.ppt (power point)

7. Illumination (Decomposing illumination from reflectance functions)
Lecture 7.ppt (power point)

8. Stereo Vision (Geometry of two or more cameras, priors for stereo, algorithms)

Lecture 8.ppt (power point)
Lecture 9.ppt (power point)
Lecture 8.doc (word document)

9. Structure from multiple Views (Decomposing shape from view/projections)
Lecture 9.ppt (power point)

10. Tracking (motion tracking of objects)
Lecture 10.ppt (ppt format)
face-tracking.mpeg (mpeg format)
hand.mpeg (mpeg format)
leafmv.mpeg (mpeg format)
dancemv.mpeg (mpeg format)
Look at http://www.dai.ed.ac.uk/CVonline/LOCAL_COPIES/ISARD1/condensation.html

11. Symmetry Axis
Lecture12.ppt (power point)

12. Face Recognition
Lecture13.ppt (power point)

13. Recognition (handwriting and face recognition).
handwriting.ppt (power point)

Evaluation: Homeworks.

Homeworks: Students are encouraged to collaborate. However, each student should submit/write its own homework.

Homework-1.doc (word document)
due Wednesday February 11th, 2004
Here are the images:
circle.bmp or circle.jpg or circle.png or circle.gif
trapeze.bmp or trapeze.jpg or trapeze.png or trapeze.gif
noise.circle.bmp or noise.circle.jpg or noise.circle.png or noise.circle.gif
noise.trapeze.bmp or noise.trapeze.jpg or noise.trapeze.png or noise.trapeze.gif
butterfly.bmp or butterfly.jpg or butterfly.png or butterfly.gif

Homework-2.doc (word document)
Changed: It is due Monday March 8th, 2004
March 3rd, Wednesday: Class to go over homework 2

Homework-3.doc (word document)
due .
Homework-4.doc (word document)
due .
Link to the images