Solution set 2

First come first served

Time Running  Ready        Event at end
              at end      
0-20    D     E,B,A,C      D blocks until 70
20-100  E     B,A,C,D      E terminates
100-170 B     A,C,D        B blocks until 220
170-180 A     C,D          A blocks until 240
180-240 C     D,B,A        C blocks until 300
240-250 D     B,A          D terminates
250-260 B     A            B terminates
260-330 A     C            A terminates
330-370 C     --           C terminates.

Shortest Job First

Time Running  Ready        Event at end
              at end      
0-20    D     A,B,C,E      D blocks until 70
20-30   A     B,C,E        A blocks until 90
30-90   C     A,B,D,E      C blocks until 150
90-100  D     A,B,E        D terminates
100-160 A     B,C,E        A terminates
160-200 C     B,E          C terminates
200-270 B     E            B blocks until 320
270-350 E     B            E terminates
350-370 B     --           B terminates

Preemptive Shortest Job first

Note: Jobs are marked with the time left in the current CPU burst at the end of the current time interval
Time   Running  Ready at end                Event at end
0-5     D(15)   A(10),B(70),E(80)           D preempted for A.
5-15    A(--)   B(70),C(60),D(15),E(80)     A blocks until 75
15-30   D(--)   B(70),C(60),E(80)           D blocks until 80
30-75   C(15)   A(60),B(70),E(80)           A unblocks
75-80   C(10)   A(60),B(70),D(10),E(80)     D unblocks
80-90   C(--)   A(60),B(70),D(10),E(80)     C blocks until 150
90-100  D(--)   A(60),B(70),E(80)           D terminates
100-150 A(10)   B(70),C(40),E(80)           C unblocks
150-160 A(--)   B(70),C(40),E(80)           A terminates
160-200 C(--)   B(70),E(80)                 C terminates
200-270 B(--)   E(80)                       B blocks until 320
270-320 E(30)   B(20)                       B unblocks. E preempted for B
320-340 B(--)   E(30)                       B terminates. 
340-370 E(--)   empty                       E terminates

Non-preemptive shortest job first with aging.

Note: Ready jobs are marked with their priority at the end of the interval.
Time   Running  Ready at end                  Event at end
0-20     D      A(2.5),B(61),C(55),E(70.5)    D blocks until 70.
20-30    A      B(56),C(50),E(65.5)           A blocks until 90.
30-90    C      A(60),B(26),D(0),E(35.5)      A unblocks. C blocks until 150.
90-100   D      A(55),B(21),E(30.5)           D terminates
100-170  B      A(20),C(30),E(-4.5)           B blocks until 220
170-250  E      A(-20),B(5),C(-10)            E terminates
250-310  A      B(-25),C(-40)                 A terminates
310-330  B      C(-50)                        B terminates
330-370  C      empty                         C terminates