Programming Project 3: Examples in C

Note: These outputs were generated on i5, compiling in gcc. The main (hopefully the only) difference this makes is in the random number generator used in the disk scheduler.

Example 1

Input 1
Command line Output
1A: proj3 primesx.stm out1-d0
1B: proj3 -d 1 primesx.stm out1-d1
1C: proj3 -d 2 primesx.stm out1-d2.

Example 2

Input 2
Command line Output
2A: proj3 primesx.stm primesx.stm out1-d0
2B: proj3 -d 1 primesx.stm primesx.stm out2-d1
2C: proj3 -d 2 primesx.stm primesx.stm out2-d2

Example 3

Input 3
Command line Output
3A: proj3 primesy.stm out3-d0
3B: proj3 -d 1 primesy.stm out3-d1
3B: proj3 -d 2 primesy.stm out3-d2

Example 4

Input 2
Command line Output
4A: proj3 -a LN primesx.stm primesx.stm out4-d0
4B: proj3 -d 1 -a LN primesx.stm primesx.stm out4-d1
4B: proj3 -d 2 -a LN primesx.stm primesx.stm out4-d2