Computer Systems Organization II

Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:15
Room 102, Warren Weaver Hall
Professor Ernest Davis

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Modern Operating Systems 2nd edition, by Andrew S. Tanenbaum


Computer Systems Design I (V22.0201)


This course covers the principles and techniques of operating systems design. Topics to be discussed include: Time permitting, we may also discuss

Instructions for class email list

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The course requirements will be


The TA for this course is Jack Fan. His email address is

Jack has made the following request regarding the form of email submissions:

I'd like to make a brief request regarding homework and project submissions, as I'm already getting problem sets from some of you. Please make sure that you put the words "SYS ORG HW" or "SYS ORG PROJECT" in the subject of your emails to me, so that I can be sure to process them ASAP. Be sure you include your student ID in the attachment(s) (since it seems that word document is the preferred format for everyone). I would prefer that you write as little in the email text as possible, and attach the problem set as a document or just a text file.

Jack S. Fan


Homework 1 Due Jan. 29.
Solution Set 1
Homework 2 Due Feb. 5.
Solution Set 2
Homework 3 Due Feb. 17.
Solution Set 3
Homework 4 Due Feb. 26.
Solution Set 4
Homework 5 Due April 6
Solution Set 4
Homework 6 Due April 19
Solution Set 4

Programming Projects

Project 1: Process Management. Due Feb. 24.
Project 2: Semaphors. Due March 30.
Project 3: Paging. Due April 28.


A Simple Example of a Multiprogramming OS
A UNIX Beginner's Guide.

Lecture notes

Lecture 1 (Jan. 20)
Lecture 2 (Jan. 22)
Lecture 3 (Jan. 27)
Lecture 4 (Jan. 29)
The lecture on Feb. 3 was a presentation of the first programming project.
Lecture 5 (Feb. 5)
Lecture 6 (Feb. 10)
Lecture 7 (Feb. 12)
Lecture 8 (Feb. 17)
Lecture 9 (Feb. 19)
Lecture 10 (Feb. 24)
Lecture 11 (Feb. 26) finished the material in the notes for lecture 10
The lecture on March 2 was a presentation of the second programming assignment and discussion of the sample mid-term.
Lecture 12 (March 4)
Lecture 13
Lecture 14
Lecture 15
Lecture 16 (March 30)
Lecture 17 (April 6)
Lecture 18 (April 8)
The lecture on April 13 dealt with security, which is covered in chap. 9 of the textbook. I do not have online notes for that.
Lecture 19 (April 15)
Lecture 20 (April 20)

Mid-term exam

The mid-term will be given on Tuesday, March 9.
Study guide for mid-term.
Sample mid-term exam
Solutions to Sample mid-term exam
Solution to mid-term exam

Final exam

As discussed in class, because of the scheduling conflict, the final exam will be given on two different dates:
Tuesday, May 4, 2:00 - 3:50, 102 WWH
Tuesday, May 11, 2:00 - 3:50, 102 WWH
List of Topics for Final Exam
Sample Final Exam
Solutions to Sample Final Exam
Solutions to last year's final.
Solutions to May 4 exam.
Solutions to May 11 exam.

You may take the exam on whichever date you choose. However, you may not under any circumstances take it twice. That is, if you show up for the May 4 exam, then you must complete the exam then; you will not be permitted to go away and retake the exam on May 11.

Last year's course

You may find it useful to look at the web site for last year's course.