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New Announcements

30 March: The final exam room is 109 (see below). 6 April: Lab 3 deadline extended, see below.

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Lab 4 is here. It is due 20 April 2004.

Lab 3 is here. It is due 30 March 2004. Deadline extended to 6 April 2004.

Lab 2 is here. It is due 2 March 2004. Deadline extended to 9 March 2004.

Lab 1 is here. It is due 3 February 2004.

Lecture Notes

Final Exam is Thursday 6 May at 10am in Room 109 of CIWW

A practice final is here.

Answers are here.

Homework Solutions (password required)


The (in class, closed book, closed notes) midterm will be on Tuesday march 9.

A much too long practice midterm is here.

Answers are here


Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 and by email appointment

Grader/E-tutor (labs, questions, and office hours)

Ben Schwaid is the grader/e-tutor for this class. You should email your labs to Ben as described in a message I sent to the mailing list. You may email him with questions about the material, especially the labs. If you have a question about your grade on a lab, email Ben. If you and he cannot come to a resolution, I will arbitrate. His email address is Ben.Schwaid@nyu.edu. He has graciously offered his cell phone number 917-692-4008, but this should be reserved for exceptional circumstances.

Allan Gottlieb