Here’s the information I have received from you folks about the Nachos project groups. Please note the group number that you have been assigned, and let me know if I need to correct anything:


Group 1: Michelle Osborne, Kevin Shanahan, Christo Kirov

Group 2: John Han, Dana Glasner, Asya Iserovich

Group 3: Mikhail Eltsufin, Yevgeniy Eltsufin

Group 4: Mimi Tam, Philip Bachman, Kaushik (?)

Group 5: Peter Merelis, Brendan Kenny, Eric Leung

Group 6: Andrew Montalenti, Matthew Zyzik, Henley Chiu


Students who have not (yet) registered for the class:




First class will meet in CIWW 102 at 12:30pm on January 21st (Wednesday)

Please form project groups (2-3 students a group) as soon as possible.
Please subscribe to the mailing list as soon as possible.