V22.0005 - Spring 2004
Assignment # 8

Due: Tuesday, May 4th

Projects should be turned in two ways:

1) Posted on your i5 Web account under the name "assign8.html" This should include your .swf file.

2) ZIP a copy of your .fla movie, and post a link to it also.

Create a Flash Animation which will be an introduction to your Shopping Cart system. It should be a menu system that should feature at least three of products. For each of the featured products there should be some animation and at least one sound. There should be a stop button that can return you to the menu at any time (although you may also return automatically at the conclusion of the animation if you so desire). Finally, there is another button that brings you to your assignment 6 shopping cart when it it pressed.

This should be a pretty easy assignment since you can build the ActionScript entirely using behaviors.

Extra credit will be given to particularly well-done animations, either from the artistic or the imagination standpoints.