G22.2591 - Advanced Natural Language Processing - Spring 2004

Assignment #1

Due 8 am Monday February 2

1.  Here are the first five sentences of the Penn Tree Bank.  The tagging is given below for the first sentences.  Tag sentences 2 - 5 similarly and mail the result to me (grishman@cs.nyu.edu).  Do not consult the Tree Bank before doing this.

Pierre Vinken, 61 years old, will join the board as a nonexecutive director Nov. 29.
Mr. Vinken is chairman of Elsevier N.V., the Dutch publishing group.
Rudolph Agnew, 55 years old and former chairman of Consolidated Gold Fields PLC, was named a nonexecutive director of this British industrial conglomerate.
A form of asbestos once used to make Kent cigarette filters has caused a high percentage of cancer deaths among a group of workers exposed to it more than 30 years ago, researchers reported.
The asbestos fiber, crocidolite, is unusually resilient once it enters the lungs, with even brief exposures to it causing symptoms that show up decades later, researchers said.

Pierre/NNP Vinken/NNP ,/, 61/CD years/NNS old/JJ ,/, will/MD join/VB the/DT board/NN as/IN a/DT nonexecutive/JJ director/NN Nov./NNP 29/CD ./.

Optionally, after doing you own tagging, you can compare the tags with someone else in the class and submit a reconciled set of tags.

2.  Read one of the papers for next week (Lecture 2) and send me a brief mail message (perhaps 20 lines) about the paper.  What might you say?
People who are preparing a presentation for Feb. 2 do not have to do these assignments.