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Homework Assignments

Homework assignments will constitute 30% of the course grade.

Click the appropriate Homework button for a more in depth explanation of the homework.

Homework is to be submitted in a .zip file to the appropriate TA email address, unless it is required that you hand it into the TAs mailbox.

Files submitted by email are due at 5:00 PM on the day due.

Paper or submissions to the TA mailboxes are now due by 5:00 PM on the day due.

Grading Policy:

5 graded homework assignments

some have a team and individual component

submit the team component ONCE to the TA

submit your own components individually

60 points total per homework assignment

Due by 5PM EST the day that it is due

every day (fraction of a day) late is 4 off the score

Past 14 days late is 0



Homework Assignments

HW5 - Site Critiques

HW4 - Swing UI of Group Topic

HW3 - BigBuck$$ Coffee Emporium Prototypes

HW2 - Analysis and Design

HW1 - Creating the Vision



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