Homework Assignment #4

Assigned: March 22, 2003
April 12, 2003

This is to be done INDIVIDUALLY by each student.
This exercise should be time boxed to take a MAX of 20 hours of your time to complete.
You may NOT need 20 hours. This is a judgment call on your part and depends on how fast you do the assignment.
If you spend more time than that, that is your choice, please do NOT complain to me about it taking more time.
In the real world you need to budget your time appropriately. This is one of those times. 
If you are slow getting things done you may need to work longer hours or do a less than sufficient job. 
Think of it as though you work for me and I have given you only 2.5 work days to get me a prototype 
for an important shareholder / investor meeting (hence the 20 hours). 
Take the designs that you sketched out in the CDS with your group. 
Use those to build the Swing UI Prototype
Score - Points 60 total
20 points - Look (Layout, Colors, Labels, Menu Text) & Feel (Menu Structure, Accelerator/Mnemonic Choices, Flow, Arrangement, Tooltips)
10 points - Implementation Quality/Productivity - what did you implement, how well does it work
10 points - Application Constraints Doc and Secondary Application Description Doc
20 points - Overall impressiveness of HW from a senior management perspective
would I keep funding this enterprise based on what you delivered.
 Would this match the users needs and expectations?

For the complete description read this file HW4.rtf



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