Homework Assignment #3

Assigned:             March 8, 2003
Due:                    March 29, 2003 
Description:         BigBuck$$ Coffee Shop Of the Future Design Protoype

60 points total


Design and Implement a UI Prototype (in Swing) for the BigBuck$$ Coffee Emporium, Inc. Coffee Shop of the Future POS and COS

See the complete artifact set here

What you should do:

Review the artifacts FIRST.

The POS and COS are DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS. You need to design them separately.

For this assignment you may go to any number of national coffee shop chains and observe what they do, to help understand the assignment, if you need to. This is NOT required but may help. You are NOT to  duplicate what they have but instead design based on the use cases and other artifacts you are provided.

 1) Design (Using Paper, Pencil or Drawing Program):  - 20 points

Overall POS and COS application look
Sample screens and Navigation for all the use cases assigned.
Describe the additional hardware devices for input and output required by the system
Include a sketch of what the physical POS and COS would look like including any additional peripherals you suggest.
Submit as paper or JPG scans of the paper or JPG files


2) Implement Prototypes:                                   - 20 points

Use Swing
The navigational structure required by the use cases, enough to show you understood the use cases
The screens in your Design sketches
This should be a prototype NOT a completely working application. You shoul;dnít write ANY java to make this work. The GUI tools provided by NetBeans should give you what is required to build the prototypes.
Submit as Swing apps called BBCE_POS and BBCE_COS


3) Discuss                                                             - 20 points

 Discuss your design and protoype

In one to three pages of text, MAX!  Submit a RTF doc discussing:
Why you chose the application style(s) you chose
Why you chose the widgets and arrangements you chose
What questions came up during your design that you made guesses about
What questions you could not answer
Why you chose the hardware peripherals you did/didnít
What other technology besides Swing might you have used for these apps and why?
Any other relevant questions, comments, decisions you made.

Name it BBCE_Discussions_SID4.rtf






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