Homework Assignment #2


Assigned:                 Feb 23, 2003
                        March 8th at 5PM
Total Grade Points: 60 Points

Part 1:  Analysis    20 points

Part 2:  Designs     20 points

Part 3:  Swing UI   20 points

You will be installing an application, analyzing it, reproducing the design on paper/paint program, suggesting alternative designs, implementing the app using swing.

It will require you to download and install WINAMP program. This will require access to a windows machine. You may need to "borrow" access to a machine from a classmate if you are not running a windows machine. Please DO NOT collaborate on the questions for the assignment though you may share a machine. Your answers should be yours and yours alone.

Please refer to the RTF file HW2_xxxx.rtf 

Please download this file, follow the instructions CAREFULLY. You will be submitting several artifacts for this assignment. Refer to the image files below for your assignment, also.



Download the winamp application from http://www.winamp.com/

Specifically the "lite" version at http://www.winamp.com/player/lite.php


You must submit a zip file with all the artifacts for the assignments (paper docs may be submitted to your TAs mailbox.)



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