Homework Assignment #1

Assigned: Feb 2nd, 2003
Feb 16th, 2003
Observation, Interviews and Analysis.

Updated team lists (March 7, 2004)

Intravel Airline Reservation and Ticketing System
Jawed Asad
Del Villar  Pablito Pan
Shen  Xiaoen
Howell  Jonathan
Avteniev Nikolai
A-Team Virtual University
Gage  William L.
Kawabata  Eiji
Mahamadou  Mariam
Chang  Liang-Fan
Thomson  Justin Armin
Gerdes  Jason
Big Brother Online City Government
Tanael  Anthony Alfred
Cauthen  Danielle Denic
Fu  Stephen
Natali  Christian Jon
Zoso  Luigi
Fisher  Michal
Park  Soohyuk
Tseng  Chien-Ming
Chu Jesse (Wei-Yeh)
Finkelshteyn Ilya
  Cashless society - Digital Money System
Chien  Chia-Liang
Haridasani  Ajay Shanka
Li  Zhuo
Saltz  Jessica Lynn
Woo  Yong Jin
  Autonavigation Vehicle
Birtwell  Justin
Dhake  Deepak Amrit
Lu  Zelin
Yang  Yuan-Chien
Alluri Goutham
  Future of the web - WWM - the world wide matrix
Cheng  Guo
Lee  Joseph Chungyup
Weir  Richard T.


The first person in each team should send out an broadcast email to get the members of the team to send you their info to coordinate a meeting. The coordinator should send their information via the class mailing list to coordinate the initial getting together with the team. You should exchange IM, Email, Cell numbers and schedules to facilitate the team portions of this assignment. GET STARTED EARLY!!!

Not on the list above? Pick a group and send the group and me an email with your SID.

Don't like your group - sorry, that's just the way life goes. Make the best of it. Unless there is some reason you can be in a given group, if so, send me an email and explain why.

Each team topic is a vague statement about a certain type of solution. Part of your teams project is to take that statement and flesh it out into a vision with specific scope and goals. I have intentionally made these vague to allow your creativity and vision to shine through. You should think about what the future will hold instead of what the presently exists. Some suggestions are:

Airlines Res - trips to mars? Booking a helicopter? Personal charter hovercraft?
Autonavigation - get into the vehicle and it drives you there, how would that work?
Online Childcare System - watch the kids, arrange pickup, delivery.
Electronic Voting - how about using a kiosk on the street? How about a direct democracy vs. representative democracy?
Future Web - The WWM - instead of the web, what should we have? Death to the browser, but what would replace it?
Cashless Society - no paper, no credit cards, maybe iris recognition, or DNA?
Virtual University - take classes completely remotely? 
Cashier-less Checkout - No scanning, use RFID tags, what would that look like? What about returns?
Online City Government - what things does government do that could be made digital, web based, virtual? 911? Courts? Paying Tickets? Getting Permits? Voting on village issues? Talk to the mayor?
Subway of the Future - no metro cards or tokens? An IP network like system of small subway cars that move like packets through a matrixed network of stations, in all three dimensions, like a really elaborate elevator system that goes not just up and down but between buildings!




Homework #1 Instructions



  1. Meet with your group to develop a strategy and approach. Exchange contact info,  etc. DO THIS VERY EARLY ON OR YOU WILL NOT COMPLETE THIS HOMEWORK.
  2. Select a Facilitator – this person will manage the coordination of the group. You should do this via a secret ballet. Those interested in taking the role of facilitator should make a short speeches (5-10 minutes) as to why they are the best choice for the position. Vote by writing on a slip of paper the name each person feels is the best choice, secretly. Then, talley the votes. Announce the winner. If your facilitator is not doing the job, at any time call a new election, if  needed.
  3. Select a name for the group. This can be as simple or whimsical as you please. It should somehow reflect the project and/or team. For ex: Team “SuperFly” for the airline reservation team might work out well (but that is yours to decide). A catchy name is always helpful.
  4. Based on the topic that you are assigned, do research, including physically visiting and interviewing (or via phone, if that is the only approach that is viable) at least one business/organization/agency that is related to the topic you have been assigned. You must figure out who to interview, make contact and arrange the interviews. You should coordinate within your group and divide the work up, where possible. Please review the attached interview sheet for ideas about the interviews and what you might say. You will need to tailor this to your topic. The goal of the interview(s) is to understand the goals, tasks, skills, timeframes and knowledge of the users. This information will help you to understand what things the UIs you design with have to do. This may involve members of your team being interviewed by other team members and have them play the role of a user being interviewed.




Artifact (Document)                                       Points

Vision Doc                                                       10
Interviews                                                       10
Candidate Use Cases                                        
Glossary                                                           5
Actor Definitions                                               2
Use Cases                                                        30
Per student                                                      60


There are team and individual aspects to this assignment. They are detailed in the doc packages.

You will be given sample artifacts. Please take these, remove the existing projects information and replace with the information for your project. Please use the content in the files as a guide for how to enter your project's information into the artifacts. Please try to do the homework based on the instructions and information I've given you.

HW1 Word format

HW1 RTF format

HW1 HTML format



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