Homework Assignment #0

Assigned: Jan 26
Feb 2


You must download the NetBeans Java IDE (or other Java IDE capable of creating Java v1.2+ Swing applications).

You must create several Swing based samples and email them to your TA.

If you choose to use a different IDE your are responsible for insuring that it is installed and functioning correctly. The TAs and myself cannot support all the different IDEs and platforms combinations out there.

For instructions for downloading NetBeans go to the Tools page.

1) Create a default swing application. It should look like this:

2) Create a JDialog called MyFirstSwingDialog.

Add a JLabel
Add a JButton
Add a JTextBox

Make it look something like this:


Including the label text, title and button text changes you'll need to make.

Grading Criteria (This is a 0 point assignment):

You must install the IDE (or some other IDE)

You must create the following SWING applications and zip them up and send them to your TA

  1. A JDialog called MyFirstSwingDialog

  2. A JFrame called MyFirstSwingApplication



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