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Collaborative Design Session (CDS)
Feb 24th Lecture

•To work with application users interactively
•To rapidly define requirements
•To create a “strawman” (a paper mockup) of a possible UI for an application.
•To use to help the design an development team to understand the users needs and wants.
•To help create a UI that will be acceptable to the Users


Well defined roles of participants
•Facilitated brainstorming
•Clearly Defined Goals
•Documented Artifacts (drawings, documents, screens designs, etc.)
–Business Entities (objects/concepts)
–Actors Goals
–Workflows – tasks and goals for a specific task
–Users’ Requirements for the Application
–Possible UI layouts, flows and functionality

CDS Worksheets:

Team facilitators PLEASE bring  printout of your teams  HW#1 Vision Document and Use Cases with you to lecture.

These worksheets are to be used to transcribe the information from the CDS that you will create in class.

You DO NOT need to print these out for class. I will provide the teams will a set of printed out worksheets for the session.

You will need to fill in these and send them to me, by the following Friday Mar 5th 5PM.

You will also need to hand in, to my mailbox in WWH (or scan and send to your TAs), the worksheets you create in class, by Friday Mar 5th 5PM.    

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