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Logan Poelman         
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Raghavan Dhandapani
Evgueni Parilov
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Class Abstract:

User Interfaces - Theory and practice of graphical user interfaces.              (more ...)

Topics include:

general design principles
widget choice
application design
web design

Key Dates:

Midterm March 29st
Final May 10th


Updated - 05/13/2004

What's  New:

Course Grades are posted
Final Exam grades are posted
HW#5 grades are posted


Final Exam May 10th 7-9PM
HW#5 Due 5PM May 10th EST.
Lecture 12 slides
Grades for the midterm have been update and HW4 grades posted
Slides for Lecture 11 
HW5 is posted. It is due May 10th
Lecture 10 slides
HW#5 will be assigned April 26th and due May 10th
The final is May 10th
Lecture 9 Slides
Midterm Grades have been posted and we will review midterm answers in this weeks lecture
Homework #3 grades
Homework #4 is due!
Lecture 8 slides
Lecture 7
Homework 4 is assigned
The Midterm is March 29th
Grades HW 2 posted
Lecture 6 CDS slides and worksheets for activity in class on March 8th. Please print out 1  set of the documents for each group or bring them on a laptop to class and edit them directly on the laptop.
Homework #3 is assigned.
Lecture 5 slides
Lecture 4 Slides
Swing tutorial slide READ THESE ON YOU OWN
Homework #2 Assigned
Updated the homework policy
Lecture 3 Slides
Homework #1
Lecture 2
TA Info Updated
Slides for Lecture 1 posted
Schedule has been updated
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