Building Robot

Geiger, Davi
Schonberg, Ed


Classes are schedule Mon/Wed 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm.

Room 408/Silver (former Main Building).

Office Hours and Location: Wednesdays 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at 719 Broadway Room 1225.

1. Behavior Based Robotics, by Ronald C. Arkin, MIT press, 1998.
2. Vehicles, by Valentino Braitenberg, MIT press, 1984 (1986 paperback edition)
3. Core Lego Mindstorms Programming, by Brian Bagnall


1. Braitenberg Vehicles (Wednesday, January 22)
A description of their vehicles, thought experiments (chapters 1 to 4).

2. Introduction. Behavior Based Robotics x Deliberative Based Robotics. (Monday, January 27)
View of different approaches to Robotics and some comparisons.

3. Robot Behavior, chapter 3 (Wednesday, January 29)
Different methods do describe Behaviors: SR diagrams, functional methods and Finate State Acceptor Diagrams (FSA).
Behavior enconding: discrete enconding (if then rules) and continuous enconding (potential fields). Lecture 3.ppt (power point)

4. Robot Behavior, chapter 3, and introduction to Lego Mindstorm (Monday, February 3rd)

5. Introduction to Java programming in Lego (Wednesday, February 5th)
Lejos.ppt (power point)

Homework 1: Going along a square in wheels Homework 1.doc (word file)

6. Building Braitenberg Vehicles (Monday, February 10th)
braitenberg.vehicles.ppt (power point)

Homework 2: Light Sensors and Systems with Feedback Homework 2.doc (word file)

7. Robot Architecture (Wednesday, February 12th)

a worthwhile paper to read about robots that we have been focusing is

Monday, February 17th. Holiday: No classes.

8. Robot Architecture, chapter 4 (Wednesday, February 19th)

9. Robot Architecture, chapter 4 (Monday, February 24th)

Homework 3: IR sensor and avoiding objects

10. Representational Knowledge, chapter 5 (Wednesday, February 26th)

11. A* and behavior response: Reaching the goal with planning and non-planning (Monday, March 3rd)

A-star.ppt (power point)
Dijkstra.ps (postscript)

12. Perceptron (Wednesday, March 5th)

13. Neural Networks (Monday, March 10th)

14. Hybrid Deliberative and Reactive Architecture (Wednesday, March 12th)

Spring Break

15. Sensors (Monday, March 24th)
Sensors.ppt (power point)

16. Neural Networks (Wednesday, March 26th)
Multilayer-Perceptron.ppt (power point)

Homework 4: Going around with vision sensors

17. Robot Planning (Monday, March 31st)

18. Robot Planning: Mindstorm Lego (Wednesday, April 2nd)

19. Grasping. (Monday, April 7th)

20. Mindstorm Grasping (Wednesday, April 9th)

(Monday, April 14th)

(Wednesday, April 16th)

(Monday, April 21st)

(Wednesday, April 23th)

(Monday, April 28th)

(Wednesday, April 30th)

(Monday, May 5th)

Evaluation: Homeworks + one final project.

Homeworks: Students are going to work on small groups (not more than 6 students in a group).