Course Information


The swing example related to EWorld are here EWorldGUIExamples
The grid and table examples are here GridAndTableExamples
Presentations: Friday, May 2nd
Object-oriented programming & design 6-7 lectures
UML and Design Patterns 4-5 lectures
Agile Software Development 2-3 lectures
Model-View-Controller  1-2 lectures
User Interface Concepts in Java 2-3 lectures
Threads in Java 1 lecture
Various Java packages (Beans, JDBC) 2-3 lectures
Project presentations 1-2 lectures


Students will be divided into groups either by choice or by assignment. Every group will choose a name and elect a leader, who will be responsible for coordination of group's code. Students will be graded primarily on programming.

Throughout the class students will incrementally develop group project, which will be completed by the end of the semester. This class will require a ot of programming.

Instructor and grader will be checking students progress on the programming assignments to make sure that group is moving towards the completion of the final project.


Quizzes 15%
Midterm 15%
Final Project 70%