Midterm exam on March 12th.

Lab 3 now due on March 24.

Lab 3 demos on March 24th and 25th. Please sign up.


Lab 2 due on February 24th.

Lab 2 demos on February 26th and 27th: Please sign up.

You are allowed to update your labs from the time you submit till you come for your demo.


Header files for Labs 2 and 3 can be downloaded from the Nachos Resources page.

You can also access this file at /home1/v/vk18/OS/aux.tar on


No class on Monday, February 17th (Presidents’ Day)


Please sign up for Lab 1 demos on February 10 and 11.

Send e-mail to the TA if none of the scheduled slots work for you.


The following is the information we have about project groups. Please note your group number, since that is what you will use to sign up for the demos. Please let the TA know if any corrections are required.


Group 1: Steven Hakusa, Douglas Pereira

Group 2: Jeffrey Jacob, Chris Harrison, Judy Feng

Group 3: David Blundell, Yefim Kelmanskiy

Group 4: Andrew Chizhik, Edward Kupershlak, Yury Sulsky

Group 5: Rishi Prabhu, Jon Bober, Chandrika Jayant

Group 6: Winston Grant Olson, Eric Buth, Michael Kim

Group 7: Ben Schwaid, Dave Heliotis

Group 8: William Moy, Christopher Quackenbush


First class will meet in CIWW 102 at 12:30pm on January 22nd (Wednesday)

Please form project groups (2-3 students a group) as soon as possible.
Please subscribe to the mailing list as soon as possible.

No class on January 29th (Wednesday)