This div element carries the class attribute of title. Note how it covers up the content of the Level heading 1 element directly underneath it.

text-align:center; width:270px; position:absolute; top:150; left:420; font-size:11pt; border-style:outset; border-width:5; border-color:#ffff99; background-color:#ffccff;

Heading 1 element - color:#ff0066;font-size:small; letter-spacing:20;

Heading 2 element - font-family:comic sans MS, arial; color:#cc99cc;

Span element - class="text" - font-style:italic; color:6666ff;
This is the blockquote. The font family is verdana. The text is aligned to the right. The font size is 15 points. The width of the blockquote box is 400 pixels and the padding property is set to 25 pixels. It also carries the color and background-color properties.
This is a plain link.

This is the first paragraph - id="p1" - color:#0066ff; font-family:fantasy; text-indent:50; font-size:26pt;

This is the second paragraph - id="p2" - font-family:verdana; font-size:28pt; background:#cc33ff; margin-left:120px; width:370px;

This is the third paragraph - id="p3" - text-transform:uppercase; border-color:#cc0033; border-width:30; border-style:double; width:200; height:200;

This is the fourth paragraph - id="p4"
margin-left:-100px; border-style:solid;
border-width:10; border-color:#00ff00; width:360px; padding:10px;

This ordered list does not specify width. The list-style-position:inside property displays in Internet Explorer only if the width property is not specified. - list-style:upper-alpha; background-color:#99cc99; text-transform:uppercase; list-style-position:outside;
  1. line-height:24pt; font-weight:bold; font-size:11pt; color:#3333cc;
  2. line-height:24pt; font-weight:bold; font-size:13pt;
  3. No style specified

This ordered list specifies width - {list-style-type:decimal; background-color:#ff99ff; width:420px;

This paragraph contains the attribute of class="one"

This paragraph contains the attribute of class="two". You can overlap text items using CSS properties instead of an image.