Nathan Hull - Spring 2003

Final Examination V22.0005 -

Section 001: Thursday, May 8 10:00 -11:50am - Silver (i.e., Main Building) 206
Section 002: Thursday, May 8 4:00 - 5:50pm - Silver (i.e., Main Building) 701


Assignment #8 - Due: Tuesday, May 6th (Last Assignment)

Assignment #7 - Due: Tuesday, April 29th

Assignment #6 - Due: Thursday, April 10th Extended to Wednesday, April 16th

Assignment #5 - Due: Tuesday, April 1st

Assignment #4 - Due: Thursday, March 13th

Assignment #3 - Due: Thursday, February 27th Extended to Tuesday, March 4th

Assignment #2 - Due: Thursday, February 13th

Assignment #1 - Due: Tuesday, February 4th
Turn in you assignment by emailing it to the grader at

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Class Examples

CGI Examples on I5      CGI.PM Documentation

CGI.PM Example 1 [code] [run it]

CGI.PM Example 2 [code] [run it]


How to set up your I5 account (if you haven't already!)

JavaScript Examples

Examples from the JavaScript Book

Examples from the

Examples from the Perl Book


Frames - HTML

Frames - JavaScript

Rollover with pre-cached images (on VLOG.ORG) (Also, see VLOG nav source code)

Dec/Hex/Bin Table Program

Hex Color Picker

Simple Cookie Example

Floating Object Example

JavaScript Book Examples

CSS Styles

Decimal/Hex/Binary Calculator

Topics in Web Design


Paul A. Santini

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