Assignment 3

Exercise Assignment

Product Assignment

This assignment is to select one system from the list below and do a thorough evaluation. To evaluate a system, you need to access its web site and download a demo copy if available. You are strongly encouraged to read the on-line white papers and documentation. Some of these systems were also presented in conference papers. Reading these papers is recommended.
  1. Intelligent Miner for Data (IBM - (No demo copy available at the web site.)
  2. Intelligent Miner for Text (IBM - (No demo copy available at the web site.)
  3. MineSet (SGI -
  4. SAS Enterprise Miner (SAS - (No demo copy available)
  5. Darwin (Oracle - (No demo copy available)
  6. Clementine (SPSS - (No demo copy available)
  7. Alice (Isoft -
  8. PolyAnalyst (Megaputer -
  9. DBMiner (Simon Fraser University - J. Han -
  10. Weka (University of Waikato,