Topics in Combinatorics

Spencer, Joel

Graduate Division

Computer Science

Course: Spring 2002 G22.3033-001 Topics in Combinatorics Th 5 1013 Instructor: Joel Spencer Required textbooks: Concrete Mathematics Complete title of the book: Concrete Mathematics Author: Graham, Knuth, Patashnik Publisher: Addison Wesley Edition (Yr. or No.): 2nd ISBN Number: 0201558025 Recommended textbooks: None Spencer G22.3033-001 Topics in Combinatorics R 5 1013 Prerequisites: None Description: Subtitle: The Art of Counting. Sums, recurrences, number theory, binomial coefficients, generating functions and the like with particular emphasis on asymptotics such as factorial and Fibronacci and CS applications such as analysis of quicksort The will be a math course in the CS department, but with particular emphasis on the kinds of math needed for CS. Required Text: Concrete Mathematics by Graham, Knuth and Patashnik


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