G22.2590 - Natural Language Processing -- Spring 2003 -- Prof. Grishman

Assignment #9

March 27, 2003

1. Run Jet using the appointmentPattern file and the appointments text file.  Display the output (just the lines with the events found).  Identify at least 3 errors in the output, and the cause of the errors.

2. Modify the appointmentPattern file to correct at least one of these errors.  A small extra credit will be awarded for principled fixes of multiple errors (this may involve fixes to both the chunk and appointment patterns).  Principled fixes would handle a range of similar problems without significantly degrading precision (retrieving lots of incorrect events).  Fixes which literally handle a single example will not get extra credit.

3. Using a web search (or copying a sentence from a newspaper), find two more examples of hiring events.  Try them with the extraction patterns.  If they donít work, indicate why.

Due April 10th.