G22.2590 - Natural Language Processing  -- Spring 2003 -- Prof. Grishman

Assignment #2

January 30, 2003

(1) Using the grammar given in chapter 9 of J & M, determine the constituent structure of the sentences

a) Show me the airlines with flights to Boston.
b) I need to know the aircraft and flight number.
c) Do you prefer to go to Boston?
    You do not have to account for agreement (p. 340-41) or subcategorization (p. 344).  If you don't want to
    draw trees, you can use parenthesis notation ("[S  [NP  [Nominal  [Noun flights]]] [VP [Verb crash]]]").

(2) J&M 9.3

(3) Using Jet, add a verb and a noun to the dictionary given and parse two sentences,  using the top-down parser;
    submit the parses produced (copy and paste from the console log).

Due February 13th.