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Tool Instructions for students in the class. Please read these carefully.

NetBeans IDE:

You need to download and install the NetBeans IDE (or you must have som,e other IDE that supports building Java 1.2 SWING based GUIs)

You need a machine with the following characteristics to run NetBeans:

bulletAt Least a Pentium III 500 mHz
bulletAt least 256 megs of RAM
bulletAt least Windows 2000 or some Unix variant or Mac OS X

I strongly suggest you download Release 3.4! 

Release 3.4
Build 200208222340

Get NetBeans here:

Other versions may NOT correspond to the scren shots in the lecture slides and may work slightly differently.

It may require you to download the Java JDK. Follow the instructions on the NetBeans page carefully. If all else fails contact the TAs or me.

A book on using netbeans -

A good set of swing tutorials







Class Mailing List:

You MUST join the class mailing list. You should also make sure that your email service does NOT bounce the class emails because they look like spam (HotMail and others sometimes make this mistake).

Go to :
and subscribe.

I will be using this method to inform students of changes and information during the VERY frequently. If you are not subscribed or reading these emails you may miss important course related messages. it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be subscribed and reading these messages.

It is also a way that the students can easily leverage the lessons and insights of other students when questions or problems are encountered in the course.

It is NOT to be used to do the assigned homework by asking others how to do it or how they did it. That would be cheating, wouldn't it?


You need to download a program to zip files to send to the TAs. This can be winzip or a Unix utility that will zip up your files.

You can get a free eval version at for windows machines.

For Linux there is a tool called gzip.

For Mac there is a tool - to be completed



    Opera - I recommend that you should download and install the free version of the Opera browser. It has features that allow analysis of site functionalities.

Download version 6.0x! (Not the new beta version 7.x)


    Mozilla - Also I recommend you should download and install the free Mozilla browser.

Download version 1.0.x! (Not the new beta version)


PDF Viewer:

The lecture slides will be posted as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. A free PDF reader (viewer) can be downloaded from Adobe.


HTML Editing Software:

... To be completed ...



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