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Homework Assignments

Homework assignments will constitute 30% of the course grade.

Click the appropriate Homework button for a more in depth explanation of the homework.

Homework is to be submitted in a .zip file to the appropriate TA email address, unless it is required that you hand it into the TAs mailbox.

Files submitted by email are due at 5:00 PM on the day due.

Paper or submissions to the TA mailboxes is now due by 7:00 PM on the day due.

Homework Assignments

Homework 5 - WARNING this has been updated as of April 25th.
Assigned: April 21, 2003
Due: May 12th, 2003 by 5 PM - Day of the Final


Design review of website pairs.

You must review four sites (two pairs of sites).
Each critique form is TWO points.                    
Each pair is worth 4 points.                              
This assignment is worth 8 points.                    
Click here for the full description.


                   5 points

Homework 3
Assigned:               March 10, 2003
Due:                       March 31, 2003 
Usability & Functionality Design Review

You will review the homework #2 submission of a different student from your CDS group. The goal is to examine someone else's work and give them feedback that they can use to improve their design. You should also see other ways to implement these applications versus your own designs.

Click here for the full description.

                     5 points
Homework 4

Assigned: March 24, 2003
Due: April 14, 2003
Using a worksheet you will review the two applications and then suggest an alternative design from the original. 

Grading Criteria:

      1         Worksheet for App 1                   
      1         Worksheet for App 2                   
      1         Alternative Design App 1            
      2         Alternative Design App 2            
      5         Total Points                                 

Click here for the full description.


Homework 6
Still to be posted.
Click here for the full description.

Past Due Homework Assignments

this is just text                       0 points
Homework 0
You must download the NetBeans Java IDE (or other Java IDE capable of creating Java v1.2+ Swing applications).

You must create several Swing based samples and email them to your TA.

Click here for the full description.

                            5 points

Homework 1
Field Observations and interviews. Task analysis worksheets.

  1. You / your group will make an appointment with a business to do observations and interviews.
  2. Go and do those observations and interviews completing the observation and interview forms. Each student will do their own independent forms.
  3. Do analysis of that gathered information and complete the task analysis worksheet.

Click here for the full description.

                            6 points

Homework 2
You (alone) will:

  1. Create 3 Swing Dialogs

  2. Create 3 Alternative Design Dialogs and a paragraph critique of the designs

  3. Design on paper a dropdown Menu based application.

  4. Implement in Swing a dropdown Menu based application prototype for that design.


    Part A    2
    Part B    1
    Part C    2
    Part D    1
Total          6 points

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