Homework Assignment #4


Assigned: March 24, 2003
Due: April 14, 2003

Using this worksheet (fill out two copies), review the two applications below and then suggest an alternative design from the original.  Submit the worksheets via email, as a zip file with the worksheets and any drawings or apps. Any paper should be submitted to the TA mailbox.

Your alternative designs should handle the top level functionality and objects that the application manages. You should focus on the buttcons, menus and accelerator keys. (You can ignore the tools on the main window canvas in the Flash Editor, other than the toolbars/palettes. See the screen shot with the big green area for what to focus on.) You do NOT need to reproduce every detail of the original application. You should instead focus on how you would rearrange or reformulate the actions and objects required by the user. You may suggest a different set of actions/objects that allow the user to achieve their goals in a better manifest model that the original application presents (or a worse model is ok too, just explain that its is a worse model and why).

The goal of this exercise is to think about what an existing application does, who it is targeted at and what manifest model it presents to the user. Then, take that understanding and suggest an alternative design. If the existing application is well designed you might try building an application that is a BAD example of design instead of a better example. That is your choice. Just make sure to express whether you think its better or worse than the original.

You may use traditional widgets or design your own. They can be idiomatic or metaphoric or representational.

Grading Criteria:

      1         Worksheet for App 1                   
      1         Worksheet for App 2                   
      1         Alternative Design App 1            
      2         Alternative Design App 2            
      5         Total Points                                 


Application 1 - Windows Sound Recorder




Application 2 - Macromedia Flash MX



















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